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Originally Posted by timba View Post
2 months and I'll be out setting up my bait.I got 2 freezers full of meat scraps and filling a barrel of old cooking grease.Picked up and new popcorn machine since I burnt out the wifes making popcorn for bait

the season can't get here soon enough
The popcorn deal looks like the best thing going. I watched a show the other day that the outfitter used it. Hauling out to the bait sites make it so much easier being that much lighter. Put some cooking grease in with it and that ought to keep the bears coming. The problem is with popcorn is making a 1000 pounds of the stuff takes some time and commercial style equipment. Now if you have a movie theatre near by that makes it everyday you might get the manager to give all of yesterdays popcorn. Bag it in big trash bags and you have bait.
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