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I recall back in the 70s and early 80s when there was still the OBA (Ontario Bowhunters Association). One of its demises was the split in the traditionalist bowhunter views against the use of crossbows in "archery only" seasons vs the pro "come one come all" bowhunting fraternity who ackowledged ALL their brothers and sisters in the hunting community.

I used to host a bowhunting derby every spring back int he 70s and 80s for groundhogs and typically canvassed the oh too few archery and hunting suppliers for donations or prizes. One of the top name suppliers for hunting related products back then returned one of my letters (that I always attached one of my derby posters to) with BOLD and CAPITAL letters written in magic marker all over it slamming me for listing crossbows as eligible in the derby.

Those two attitudes were prevailent back then pitting hunters against hunters, but today those feelings have either gone underground or else hunters are finally learning to close ranks as we're constantly attacked through the media from outside the hunting commumity.

I still hunt with a compound and occassionally one of my recurves or longbows, but my son hunts alongside dad with his crossbow, and I'm tickled to have him there. A good many of my friends hunt with crossbows too. I think Ontario, with its history of approximately 50 years of crossbow use in "archery only seasons" is proof positive that their use has not hurt hunting opportunities. If anything, xbows ever increasing use has benefited seasons, as seasons and more areas have typically increased year after year, not to mention the thousands of new archery enthusiasts that have swelled from the gun hunting community.

United we stand and thrive. Divided will only be our demise, one and all.

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