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Originally Posted by ACPOSSETIM View Post
we use them the same way in Saskatchewan, oats and restaurant grease. They love 'em! We just use 55 gal. steel barrels with a couple 6" holes cut in them, it lets the bear get a paw full at a time but keeps them near the bait for a while. As said above make sure you chain them to a tree or they'll be gone
About how high were the holes?

This baiting bear is lots of learning last spring all I had was 55 gal plastic barrels that didn't have a lid and I went and cut a 2 foot x 2 foot square hole in it.We would load the barrel up meat and 2 days latter before we would get back they were empty.All we were doing was feeding the bears

This year I got steel barrels with lids,so I'm going to have a barrel of meat scraps(6" hole) and a barrel of oats(I'm going to mix cooking grease in with) and run a line with 3 beavers at 8 feet for my bait site this year.Also so far I have six 5 gallon pales of cooking grease.The wife has also been keeping the grease from when we eat bacon over the last year,I'll use that for a burn when I'm in the stand.

And a new bow

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