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As GW said, don't over bow your self. For an adult man, I would suggest starting with a bow than can at least be used for hunting if you so choose. Most provinces and states require a minimum of 40 lbs at 28", so I'd recommend that as a starting point. And a 40 to 45 lb bow should be no problem for an adult to draw and shoot.

For your first bow, don't run out and pay muchos denairos, as in all probability, once you've determined that trad is the route you'd like to pursue more, then you will be in the market for a new bow in short order no doubt. You'll likely want to move on up slightly in poundage once you're ready to graduate from the low poundage starter bow.

Get some instructions on form from an experienced recurve shooter. Shooting trad isn't the same as shooting a compound. You will tend to pick up bad habits much more frequently and more severe with a recurve/longbow as opposed to a compound.

Don't use your old compound arrows. Get arrows matched to your recurve, and I'd suggest feathers, not vanes. Don't over extend your yardages. Keep your practice shots to 20 yards and under. Trying to shoot longer ranges at first will only manage to discourage you.

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