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Originally Posted by whacky View Post
I tried the rage 3 blade last fall. With all the hooting and hollering i had to try. I also shot a doe with the 2 blade last fall. Both heads performed well dispaching the critters quick. I didn't have the red carpet blood trail that everyone says the have. Just a drop here and a small splash there. No better than any other head I've used. Both hits were 2x lung shots as well. Both heads had to be thrown out after one use. bent ferrules. Did they do the job...yes.Would I use them a passing fancy for me. Going to stay with the fixed this year. Hope they work well fur ya!!! Fyi the bear i got last fall with the rage 3 blade went only 23 yards after impact.
Thanks for the info whacky,maybe I'll stay with my G5 strrikers then.I was going to try the rage becasue of all the hype about the great blood trail.Maybe I'll give the striker magnums a try instead.


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