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Default the 09' hunt

Hey Guys
Just wanted to share Zack's bear pic and his story. Zack and his guide were looking for potential baits on the first day of the hunt. Gary has a stand called ol' faithful. You can guess why. When they got to that bait there was already a bear on it and a goodin at that. Greg told Zach to run to the truck and get his bow and get right back. As Zack got into the tree the bear was making circles popping its jaws. Greg told Zack the bear would come in within 5 minutes. No kidding it did just that. It looked at Zack and popped its jaws as it came in. He killed this dandy within the first 5-10 minutes of ever bear hunting!!! I hunted that stand a year earlier and I killed a real nice bear within 20 minutes of being on stand. Mine was on the first day of the hunt as well. Just thought I'd share some of the fun memories we've had at White Sands Camp. P.s. Our son Nathan is home from the hospital and is doing awesome...praise the Lord!!!! Tak to ya'll later
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