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Default Carol's Last deer of the season

MONIE: 5 points for the gals please!
With snow on the ground and subzero temps I haven't been in the woods lately but today the weather moderated so .I went bowhunting tonight on a farm I'd never been on. The owner told me he'd seen close to 70 deer and needed some of them removed. I have a buck tag and an anterless tag so I was looking for a big doe or nice buck. He told me he'd seen 2 monsters so I was hopeful. I only made it about 150 yrds from the truck when I started seeing deer moving all around me. I crept down this fence and made it to a brush pile then stood by a hedge tree and just watched. I stood there for 2 hours watching deer all around but nothing close enough and no bucks. I checked my clock and it was 5:10, so I decided to give it about 5 more min. Just as I was ready to leave I saw a deer moving toward me with the brush pile between us. It was close enough I could tell it had no antlers. Big doe coming in just in front of me, boy excitement set in. When it went behind the brushpile I swung right and drew. It must have read the script because it stepped out and gave me a broadside shot at 35 yrds. I never shoot farther than 30 but pulled up high and let 'er fly. Smack! It was beautiful..I saw the whole thing. I could hardly believe what I'd just done. Just standing by a tree, and I'd never been there. I called my daughter and told her. I knew it was a clean kill so I followed the blood trail, pretty easy on snow. 75 yrds and there HE was. I couldn't believe my eyes. My doe was a 21/2 yr old buck. He'd already dropped his antlers and I couldn't tell. I called the conservation agent and asked how to check him and he told me to check him as an anterless deer.

I don't know if I'll get any points with this deer but everything went so perfect I can't be sad. I got a great deer and am proud of him.

Please put this on the annual guy's and gal's hunt. Hey I'm trying gals!

Mathews Drenalin Bow
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