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Default A quick story

Well I always wanted to go bear hunting and had friends tell me the could get me a bear no problem.I'll tell you I went up a couple of times and didn't even see one.So this year I was taking a taxidermy class with a friend and he was telling me that he was also an outfitter.I booked right away.He sent me pics all spring and summer of a ton of bears. I was the first one to hunt.I was told that it was a ruffing it type of hunt.When i got there we checked some baits checked trail cams and headed back to camp.When we got back was the start of MORE TIME SCARED THEN HUNTING. The outfitter tells me that I am going to be at the camp by myself and he would see me at about 11am the next day.But I can hunt one of the baits in the morning.I could hunt for big bears and video anything else.There was a mom and cubs hitting the bait at day light.All night i was awake.Between thinking of getting in the middle of mom and cubs in the morning and the wolves outside my cabin. Morning came didn't see anything. I met the outfitter in the afternoon and we headed to the stand 3hours later we were pulling my bear out of the bush.One shot the bear didn't take a step. I had my gun unloaded and on the ground while he went for the truck. He was gone about 5 min. and what do I hear but another bear not 40 yards just in the bush. SCARED AGAIN grabbed the gun and reloaded the outfitter came back and we got the bear in the truck. I should get the hide back in march I'm doing a lifesize mount.
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