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Just buy a Vicxen and be done with it !!!! Just kidding. First thing you want to do would be go to a GOOD pro shop. Get your draw length measured, and figure out how much weight you are comfortable pulling. In regards to draw weight, you will be able to pull more as you shoot more but don't "overbow" yourself right off the bat. If you buy a bow that is hard for you to pull back it won't be fun and you won't shoot that much. Many companies (Hoyt included) have bows that offer a limb upgrade so you can change weight as you get more comfortable shooting. The next step would be shoot as many as possible and see what one feels best to you. One thing I would strongly recommend it a mechanical release aid (the triggers you see everyone wearing around their wrists.) it makes it much easier to pull the bow back and get a clean release. Once you find the one you like...practice, a'll be amazed how fun it can be! As far as meeting others, look for 3d-shoots or archery clubs in your area. Most clubs and shoots are more fun oriented than competitive and you'll meet some great people too! Good luck with your search!
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