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Originally Posted by whacky View Post
Forgot to mention that gary's hunts are done housekeeping style. No American plan. I hope to meet some of you guys there this fall if I can make it. My wife and I have a newborn son who is very sick in the hospital. He got bacterial meningitis and we almost lost him. So far he is recovering pretty good! The month long stay at Childres hospital is going to be a massive financisl blow for us,but who cares as long as our son is fine! If I can afford it I will be there bear n' down! Hope u guys that are interested in a hunt in Ontario give Gary a try!! His web address is God bless all of you and happy new year!!
Thanks for the info on White Sands camp Whacky. I have been looking into Ontario for a bear hunt. My hunting buds just can't get it together for a bear hunt so now I have to find a group who does want to.

I wish your son a fast recovery.
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