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well im back from a fantastic trip, although it was cut short due to another winter storm rolling in.

We hunted in temps ranging from -8 to 11. It was -25 with the wind chill one day. Lots and lots of snow on the ground and lots of deer movement. In the first 3 days on stand I saw 130 deer. A quarter of which came within bow range. I was hunting the woods 100% of the time as well, these deer were NOT seen in the fields. I saw a few coyotes and my buddy killed one big male the first night. I saw 2 bucks I would have liked to take, One was an 8 that would have pushed 130 and the other was a 10 that would have scored 125-130. Never had a clean shot on either and I don't take shots that aren't 100% in my mind. The second time I saw the big 8 he had shed one side. This is of course is when he gave me a good broadside shot. O'well, he will be there next year

I told myself I was NOT going to shoot a doe and I was hanging on for a big buck. This is something I normally never due. I am a meat hunter to the core and was killing me not to shoot at least one of the does I was seeing. But I held out and had one of the best trips ever without pulling the string back.

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