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Default got the spot for u!!

Hey Hunter
I've hunted at a few places in ontario and have been burned by one in particular. 2 years ago I gave a little camp called White Sands Camp a try. I will never give my business to any other outfitter!! The camp is small with a family atmosphere located in northwest On. Gary's bait mixture is awesome. He has 3 territories that he operates in as well. One of which has not been hunted in 7 years. You can tell when you arrive at the baits that he has been baiting a long time before you arrive. They are pounded. I have found out the hard way taking an outfitters word for it at different camps. Gary at White Sands Camp is the real deal! The first year I went I only hunted for 15 minutes!! Shot a 240 lber. This past fall I shot my bear the second night. Not as big but he was a color phase so I could not pass. Both years that I have been there all hunters shot bears!! Give him a call. He is the very best IMHO. His toll free number is 1(800)363-0113. Web address is Hope this helps!
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