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Originally Posted by TxStarr View Post
Thanks y'all! It was good. I stayed in that morning b/c was raining and nasty. Hunted in the afternoon and saw NOTHING. Sigh. The story of my season. BUT, Starting today and going to the 17th is MUZZLELOADER season!! WooHoo! So I have a few more weeks to see something. Hopefully. If the full moon gives us a break!

I saw where Ralph was hunting in Texas on my birthday but did not get anything until New Year's Eve. I say good. If I can't get anything on my birthday I don't think anyone else should get one either!! Yes that is a little childish and pouty of me but, at the ripe old age of whatever, I think I have earned the right to be a little childish. hehe!

Hope everyone else is having a great season!
Good luck! I hope you get a great after-birthday present out there in the woods!
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