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God blessed us with some anonymous gifts of cash from people in our church, and we were able to use some of it for a Wii Fit, a new bathroom scale, a new food scale, and some clothes.

Julie and I have been working on a new Bible study (written by our pastor Ken Adams) called "Thirty Days To A New You". It gives us a lot of good health tips and ties in what the Bible says about how we should take care of our bodies in order to honor God. The tip that has helped me the most so far is that you should decide on your goal weight, then multiply that by 10 to determine the approximate number of calories you should eat each day. So far, I've come under my limit most of the days, and I've lost over 10 pounds since we started. Without really exercising much yet!
Pastor Ken told us to start with the calorie count, and as we get healthier by losing the first few pounds, we can add in the exercise portion of the agenda. However, with the new Wii Fit, we can do some mild exercising already.
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