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Originally Posted by Glenburniekid View Post
I have watched several videos and there is one aspect of whitetail hunting that puzzles me. What is the fascination with shooting a buck while he is still in velvet? I personally would rather harvest him after his rack has fully developed. Please understand I am not judging or being critical, I honestly want to know why. If I am honest with myself I would find it hard to let a trophy walk in the early season if he showed up in velvet but in 41 years of hunting them it has never happened to me and I have never considered trying to do it on purpose.
Good question and I've asked my self watching some Pro hunter shoot one in velvet - "self is that a trophy to you?" LOL And I don't get terribly excited about it. My first thought it looks good mounted as something in contrast to the hard horned bucks next to it on the wall. So much of the characteristics of the antlers are hidden under the velvet that it's not high on my kill list.
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