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Default wildview 5 IR trail cam

anyone have one ? bought one a month ago and i'm having problems with it. seems if it's not set up exactly at the right angle all i get are black pictures with alot of deer's eyes. called the company and they said to return it for a new one, the second one was no better. it was like a crap shoot, one day good pics the next just eyes. i hunted for a whole month between mich. and wis. gun and muzzleloader seasons, and only on three of those days did i get good pics. i guess you get what you pay for! it's an ir 5 mega pic. camera supposed to be good out to 40 feet, the only good pics i got were when the camera was about 6 feet away and angled exactly right. anyone else have one? if so how does yours seem to work? the company says to send it to them but i'm afraid i'll just get another one of the same quallity. thanks
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