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Originally Posted by Bow Drawn View Post

Do you ever bear hunt on the family property? If you do - I volunteer to help manage the numbers if you're interested. I know the Ontario bear numbers are coming back fast since the spring bear hunt was stopped.
I do hunt black bears. Each spring I participate in a spring bear hunt with my cousins. In the last three years we have harvested 12 males, two of them over 450 pounds. If anyone is wondering how we can have a spring bear hunt it is because we are members of the Shabot Obaajiwan Algonquin First Nation. Unfortunately we can only make a dent in our area. The population is exploding everywhere in Ontario. Also there is a marked decline in the deer population as the predators are outnumbering the game. In the last two deer seasons we have shot more bears and coyotes than deer. So far this fall I have not even had an opportunity to shoot at a deer with either my rifle or bow.
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