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Originally Posted by firediver View Post
1. there is no guarantee the stolen deer and the one I found are the same deer (but I think they are)....

2. the distance from where the deer was stolen and the location where is found the "a" deer is 10 miles....

3. the only way to prove you tagged your deer in Illinois is to have the deer with your tag attached to it in your posession....

All I know for sure is.....a hunter reported his deer stolen from an area north of town......................and I found a field dressed deer in the ditch south of town about an hour after the initial report.
"Facts Mam, just the facts."
Ethically - I agree if the deer was stolen from a successful hunter that's wrong. That's black and white. Ohio is pretty much the same way, tag on deer immediately and in your possession at all times till checked in, you don't leave it on the side of the road.
Tell this story to the local cops and see how much of it settles in the bottom of tgheir tea cup. To me applying this story here in Ohio it don't hold tea in my cup, the facts don't point in a single direction. 10 miles difference for one is one long distance to me. The timing is during prime time so it might be the same deer and again maybe not.
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