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Default Birthday Buck!!!!

November 11 was my birthday and I was turning 16 PA's legal age to hunt by yourself. Dad couldn't go out he had to work so I was planning on staying the whole day. Got in the stand at 530 it got light at 630 had a small buck come in. Around 730 had a decent buck walk out infront of me out of range. at about 9 had a little 7 pointer walk out infront me out of range. At 1:15 had a giant 8 pointer probably scoring in the high 120s to 130s walk infront of me and would not come to any of my calls (he was on a mission for a doe) at about 330 had a doe come in. At about 445 had 3 bucks including mine walking behind me about 100 yards 2 ran off and I snort wheezed and grunted and he came on a string right to my tree 8 yards away I drew back my Hoyt and relesed my arrow right into the vitals he ran about 50 yards and piled up. First buck with my new Hoyt!!! Got some points for my team! he was an 8 pointer with a 16 to 17 inch spread but earlier in the year broke one side off. so he had 4 on the left and 2 on the right making him a 6 pointer... Weighed 220 Pounds 3 1/2 to 4 year old deer
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