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Originally Posted by ACPOSSETIM View Post
yup Bottle neck cases have to be larger than .30 caliber and a case length of 1.4" or shorter. Any straight wall cartridge of .30 caliber or larger available as a factory load with a published muzzle energy of 500 ft. lbs. There is no length limit on straight walled cases. Centerfire revolvers or single shots only, no semi's, minimum barrel length of 4". Muzzle loaders have to have a barrel length of 16" so no muzzle loading revolvers either. I haven't searched that much, but I can't think of any bottle neck cases that are that short except maybe the .357 sig and I don't think that's available in anything but an auto loader.
WOW!!!! That would take some doing to find a bottleneck case shorter than 1.4 inches long. Unless you can go to some kind of wildcat. The only cartridges (besides the sig) I can think of would be the 44-40 or the 32-20...........old, old, pistol rounds. Both of those rounds barely have a shoulder at all, and some might even say they are straight wall cases.
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