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Red face I'm declaring a hunting emergency

The only blood I spilled this year was me sitting on an arrow. I missed a 20 yard broadside shot on a nice whitetail buck because my sight was set on thirty yards and I clipped my blind window on the shot. It should have just been a high hit. Instead I went just over his back. I know, excuses are like...

The only other shots I've had are immature does. My postman pulled out a 164+ buck we had watched grow up and had him patterned. The good thing is we saw another buck so big we named him the Field & Stream buck. I am reasonably sure he is the first 200 class deer I have ever seen in the wild and a state record.

The problem is he won't come out of the swamp until after legal shooting time. The rut is coming and we are hoping for some redemption.

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. I could get skunked the first time in my life. SRM
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