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Originally Posted by Monie View Post
Both spots look promising. It looks like a little creek or ditch in the tree west of where you want to put your bait. Is that right? Is the area flat or hilly? The bald area on yoru fil's side might be a staging area.... If you can, definitely gets some trasil cameras up. Well, I was going to try to add afew spots to your picture, but my computer is a piece of crap and won't let me use the application.

The area just west of were I want to put the bait is just a big open grass slough.I think there is lots of water there in the spring.Because of the wind direction I not to sure where to set up.

I put a trailcam up for the one night I was out at the farm friday night and had 70 pics of does.I'm going to put one there perminatly the next time I head back and set up a barrel full of oats.

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