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fd / Scott,

Sorry if I asked too many questions where you may have allready addressed them in previous posts. Heck, how am I going to learn if I never ask questions. What's that they say about questions:

"The only bad question is the one that's never asked!"

In any event, thanks for the answers.

I guess it's far more difficult to film a successful hunt than it is to just go hunting. Hey, maybe that'd be a good idea for a show for next year on how to film a hunt. Sort of a"Do's and Don'ts" or a "How To" series.

In any event, please be patient with me on this posting thing as I just retired last month, and until I am able to get my routine into some sort of a regular schedule, I'll be posting on these here hunting websites more, seein's I just seem to have way too much time on my hands now.

"Hey Rocky! No doubt about it! I got'ta get a new hat!"

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