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Did you have a guide alongside you while you hunted or were you self-guiding out of an outfitter's camp? HUNTED WITH KASHABOWIE OUTPOSTS. THE OUTFITTER, FERN, WAS OUR GUIDE

How far north in Ontario were you? Near Thunderbay or further south or north? ATIKOKAN

What dates were you in camp? (I didn't read your original post so I'm assuming you were bowhunting) SEPT 21-OCT 6

Were you (or someone with you) calling? What calling techniques were they trying? WE WERE SET UP NEAR REMOTE LAKES AND COW CALLED. WE ALSO TRIED TO CHALLENGE BULLS BY RUBBING A SCAPULA ON A TREE

Sometimes even when you do everything right and all the stars are in alignment, seems no one may have told bullwinkle about it!! THERE WAS FRESH SIGN EVERYWHERE. THE MOOSE WERE LOCKED DOWN WHEN THE SUN CAME UP......ONLY MOVING AT NIGHT.

Why shoot on the last day what you wouldn't shoot on the first?

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