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Being a resident, I am allowed to hunt without being registered with an outfitter. Four of us trekked north (about a 10 hour drive from southestern Ontario) for our annual bowhunt pilgrimage for moose. When all was tallied and said and done, we likely beat up the better part of $2K ($500 each) for a week's hunt. That's licenses, food, gas, propane, butcher shop and any other expenses that cropped up. Biggest problem in hunting Ontario is tag availability. Residents are required to apply though a lottery and it's getting harder and harder to get tags. Easier to get the moose in my opinion.

Non-residents must be booked with a registered outfitter. Before signing on with an outfitter, get confirmation what his tag or tags allocation is. Mucho importante! The further north you travel in Ontario (Thunder Bay and north and northwest), the better the chances at getting tags and likely a better chance at larger bulls on average, but you've got quite a bit further to drive. It's about a 28 hour drive for me to drive from my home to the Manitoba border, driving in Ontario the whole way! I can drive to Florida in less time than it takes me to drive across Ontario!

I've bowhunted for moose in Ontario since 1980 and have found that the best time for the call in my area (mid northern Ontario) is September 24th to October 2nd.

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