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I've been back from my annual moose bowhunting expedition in northern Ontario for almost two weeks now. We travelled north on September 25th and got home on October 4th. I retired in September just before we left for our moose hunt.

It rained for almost 80% of the time, but we still managed a few hours in dry treestands for a couple evenings. I called in a moose the second evening (actually I called in 6 within an hour, 4 bulls and a cow and a calf) and my son and one of his friends tag teamed on it with their crossbows. We used my argo and two 4wheelers to pack it out. It was a good bull for Ontario. 54-1/2" with 820 lbs on the 4 skinned out quarters (estimate 1300 lbs on the hoof).

I tried a new moose horn this year. It was an old kids platic toy bat that was hollw and about 24" long. It was about 4" or 5" at one end and 1-1/2" at the other end. I cut out both ends and wrapped it in duct tape. Made a great megaphone and I also used it to rake the large open end against the tree bark of the tree I was in. Seemed to work O.K. if a downed bull is any indication of the ultimate acid test.

Had it cut and wrapped locally where we hunted and packed it into coolers for the trip home. Now all that's left is the bbqing, pepperettes and jerky......and munchin' of course!

The pic is of my best friend and I. Hey, my son and his buddy shot the bull and the old guys cleaned it so we get our pic posted! hehehe

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