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OK, I looked at the footage and I can't figure out why I hit the guts. She wasn't quartered that bad, entrance was very close to the shoulder and the exit was between the 5th and 6th rib from the back of the ribcage. I cut an artery coming out of the heart, close side lung, liver and sliced the diaghram (spelling?), and I must have cut the stomach or intestines because there was that nasty green slime all the way up to her throat (basically back of the mouth) INSIDE the chest cavity. She did kick after the shot so maybe it pushed everything forward? She was in really thick tall grass so I was unable to find the arrow even with a lighted nock. I guess it doesn't really matter, she went down 35-40 yards from where I shot her -- Spitfire MAXX baby!!!!! Pics tomorrow.
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