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Default 2 bears

A buddy of mine was hunting this past Saturday and had 2 different bears come in on him. The first one, on his morning hunt, got within 25yds of his tree stand. It wasn't very big so he let it walk. The second encounter was when he got out of his evening stand. It was getting dark quick, so he decided to come on out. When he got on the ground and had collected up his gear, he saw a bear coming down thru the woods right at him. Turned out to be another young bear. It came right up to him and stopped at 10 yds. He tried to get his cell phone out to take a picture and but ended setting off the flash and getting a picture of the ground instead. He said the little bear ran off a short ways, stopped looked back and then continued on it's way.
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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