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Default Moose report

Well, I'm back. What a trip!!! Super guys to hunt with, whose sense of humour and excellent work ethic helped everyone work hard at what we like to do most - Hunt hard!! So, here goes: Sep 10 - Drive to Prince George, get lost in town looking for my buddies, get directions, and.........the AC condenser in my truck siezes solid and I blow a belt! Well, I broke down right beside a shop, so... drop off the truck, order parts and work done, sign the work order, and tell them to secure the truck until I get back, I'm going hunting. Lucky break, I think. It was under $1000.00 when I got back, so it's all good. The guys come to my rescue, we load my gear into their truck, and we're off for a final grocery shop and last minute stuff, then on to Smithers, BC. We stay the night with Bart Lancaster, of the Lancaster/Fontana Hunting Company, and then head north to Dease Lake in the morning, 11 Sep. Arrive at Dease, pick up our Zodiac, fuel, get supper, and do the final pack and gear adjustment. 12 Sep - down to the floatplane base for noon, load the Beaver (we're heavy!!!!!) and take off for Tightlip Lake (I've been asked not to reveal the real name). We get over the lake about an hour later and the pilot goes around a couple of times, as it's a lot shallower than normal, and he needs a channel to land in........ down we go. We get down safely, and start unloading, in the rain, or course. We get the tent and stove set up, and start sorting things out. The other two get on with outside stuff and I get all the cots set up, and put everyones gear on their bunks, sort out the kitchen stuff, and get a fire started, as we are wet, wet, wet!!! We work on drying our gear, and getting ready for the morning. 13 Sep - now it gets interseting. Billy and I are still in the tent, talking about drying things out, and Steve goes outside and commences calling. He pops back in and tells us that a bull is coming right at the tent!!! We grab the camera and my bow, and try to get into postion, and........the wind gets us! The bull, about a 48"er, gives us the slip. We go over the hill to see if we can get something going, and then Steve is telling me, "Gordie, you've got to see this bull - he's a bruiser!!" He wasn't kidding; the only problem was, he was 300 yards out, and was slowly but surely getting out of Dodge. So, I did what I was hoping not to - I put down my bow, and used Billy's 340 Wby. I really did want to harvest my moose with my bow, but I guess I wasn't prepared to go all that way and go home empty handed, not to mention the fact that the other guys said I had first shot, and they REALLY wanted me to get a big bull - so I did it, and I have no regrets. He's 54" wide, and scores about 192 B&C, and he was around 1500-1600 lbs on the hoof - can you say huge!?? We took pictures, and started the work. This was about 9:30, and we finished packing him to, and putting him on, the meat pole just a few minutes before dark. I'll post pics later tonight.
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