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IMO ontario is over looked due to the fact that the Yukon and B.c gets so much attention. There are some real monster here, last year the new record was set for Ontario, shot outside of Thunder Bay it scored in at well over 200" and was 64" wide.

Our gang has an bull tag for the first time in five years. We don't go very far north an still see some monsters shot one there in 2004 that was 48" wide an scored 161". I have a couple that I knoe are in the area this year right now that are both bigger then that one it is just getting to them come opening day. The smaller of the two should be in the low 50's while the larger of the two could be in the mid 60's. Taking both the muzzleloader an the bow with me this year.

Should be an good year, i have an trail camera out up there since the beginning of Aug, should be some picture for sure.

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