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Default Just 1 of the many I have....

I was hunting on a new piece of property that my buddy took me to. This was my first (and only) time on the property. Deer sign was EVERY WHERE!! I finally chose a large clump of brush to sit in with very distinct deer trails on 3 sides of this clump. Sitting there nice and quiet I started to hear whistling. It would start out faint at first - gradually get louder - than get quiet. For almost an hour I would here this off and on?? Soon the deer started to "parade" past my little clump of brush....I only cut 1 shooting lane through the brush. Numerous deer past through the shooting lane never offering me a shot. I must of let close to a dozer deer past...Finally a large doe stopped and started to look back where she came from. I slowly drew my bow, as not to be scene. The 6 yrd shot should have been a "gimme". As I came to full draw and settled the pin behind her shoulder. I suddendly felt warm air on my neck and could here "something". I slowly rolled my eyes and slightly moved my head on to see a SPKE BUCK eye-to-eye with me. I was too afraid to release that arrow at the doe as I was afraid that buck would jump right through me!! The doe slowly walked away. Once she was out of sight...that little spike stepped back out of the brush and walked off too. I didn't see another deer that night...and that whistling sound??? That's the noice DUCKS make when the have locked their wings to land in the pond that was behind me. Ah, to be young again!!
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