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This bigwig Yankee, is down in Old Mexico, when he get's hungry and stops off a little restuarant for dinner.
"I'd like to order something different from anything I could normally get across the border", he tells the waiter.
The waiter grins and asks,"Would you like to try the testicles, Senor"? "They say eating them will impart the strength and stamina of the bull. These are fresh from a bull killed in the bullring, just today".
The Yankee mulls it over for a moment and decides he would try them.
The waiter delivered his meal in moments. There lay 2 large fist sized objects on his plate.
After he'd finished his meal ,the waiter approaches and asked " So Senor, How did you find the testicles?"
"Those things were fantastic!" he exclaimed.
When he got back to the states, he told his wife about his meal. She decided the next time he was going to Mexico, she'd go with him to try them for herself.
The next trip came within a few days. They went back to the same restuarant and told the waiter that they'd like to have the testicles for dinner.
When the waiter delivered their plates, there were 2 small lumps in the middle of each plate.
"What's this?" the Yankee exclaimed. "The last time I was here, these things were as big as my fist!"

"Senor?", the waiter said patiently, "De bull?, he don't always lose".
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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