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Alarm was set for 5:30 am, but the eye's didn't open up untill after 6.....SLEPT IN!!!!!
Scrambled around the house trying to get things together and not forget anything, but of course I did. Gun licence and reg. card!
Pulled the boat out of the garage and put my 11 floaters in and around the corner I went to the launch, was set up and in the blind by 7:12 and loaded up. 20 mins went by and the first single showed it's self. BOOM BOOM and my first bird of the season was down, a short time later another single come's in with all 3 shots missing it. Got caught not paying attention with a group of 3 comming in and they flared before I could do anything. With only 10 mins left of my hunt due to some stuff I had to do just after 10am, had 1 more flock of 10 commit and all 3 shots hit there mark. Waded over to get the boat and picked up the 3 birds, BLING and I was thinking RIGHT ON, then grab bird #2, BLING noway and over I go to get the 3'rd, BLING HOLYS*$T!!!
Was a decent start to my season, was really hoping for a field to shoot but everything in the area that was cut is already disced up.

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