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I may or may not have told this before but here goes anyhow...

We, my fatherinlaw and 4 brotherinlaws, were at a deer camp, a number of years, ago when the old man decided he was gonna fix supper that night. While us "boys" were fixin to leave, he was breakin out his ole 20 ga. Squirrel was on the menu for the evening. Ya'll gotta understand, I ain't real fond of squirrel, but I will eat it occassionally. Off and on during the morning, we'd hear that 20 roar every once in a while. At Lunch, the ole man was happily yanking the hides off of those tree rats, all the while talking about how good those dumplings were gonna be. Now, I ain't a real fan of dumplings neither, but again, I will eat them.
A litlle after dark, us "boys" came wandering back in to the smell of squirrel boiling. My stomach was rolling around, but I clamped down and got a bowl so's I could get it over with. I used the ladle to put a dumpling or two in my bowl and pushed down thru them to get a piece of meat or two off the bottom. When that ladle cleared the dumplings, I'm staring at 2 empty eye holes in a squirrel skull! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dumped the whole mess back into the pot, got out a jar of PeterPan and had PB&J samiches for dinner.
The ole man gotta kick outa smackin those heads with a spoon back and noisily sucking out the contents. 'Bout lost my PB&J once or twice. Finally had to get up and go outside for some fresh air.

I miss that ole man but not his nasty eating habits.
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

Proud Parent of a Marine
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