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Originally Posted by TxStarr View Post
I have a Parker Buckshot, 43#, 23" draw and I use Muzzy's. Mine are fixed, 3-blade, 100 grain and PINK. I have killed two hogs and one deer with them. The arrow went all the way through one hog and into the lungs of another and all the way through the deer. I am thinking that is plenty of penetration.

I say, if she is happy with the Muzzy's, let her rip tater chip. If, after this season, she is not happy with the performance, then try something else.
TxStarr is spot on here. It's all about how accurate she is with that Muzzy. If she is dead on with it for your style of hunting then go with it.

Uncle Ted uses the Stinger Buzz cut as well as his wife Shemaine and she is a lower weight shooter and has no problem on big game animals with the Stinger. they show her on the show taking about any animal on North America as well as African game with her setup. Just my .02
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