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Ah, tree rats! hehe!

My grandmother used the old ones for squirrel dumplings. Make them just like you would chicken and dumplings—boil the squirrels and take the meat off the bone. A different flavor and better liked than the chicken ones at my dad's house!

The young ones were chicken fried (soaked in water until the blood is out of it, soaked in buttermilk for a few hours, breaded with milk/egg and flour, and slow fried in a cast iron skillet). I swaney that is the best there is!! And we would skin the head out and fry it whole—ain't nothing like the brains and tongue!! The only problem is they are so small and it took a while to get enough!

She also used to fry it up then use the drippings to make a milk gravy and put the squirrel back in the gravy. Honey I think I am gonna have to go home and pull some out of the freezer! Thanks for bringing back memories!
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