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If yer looking for a shotgun that won't let ya down, ya can't beat a Nova, in my opinion. Granted, ya gotta get past the looks of them, but DANG! These thing'sll work when everything else has stopped. The plastic stock and forearms don't scratch no matter what kinda briar patch yer in. Rain, snow, sleet don't bother them either. The recoil pads on the originals wasn't worth a dang, just a hard plastic kinda stuff. The 12ga, with a load of 3.5'' shells would try it's best to drive it thru your shoulder! Limbsaver makes a replacement one though. I've not shot the 20ga guns but have fondled them in a shop or two. If I was willing to let go of some of my other shotguns, I might buy one, but that's gonna take some doing. Prices ain't all that bad niether. Bennelli's now offering the Super Nova, too. If I'm not mistaken, you can get these guns in Combo Packs, Standard barrel and rifled slug barrel, also.
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