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Im a huge Benelli fan. I have a Benelli Nova, hands down, that is the most dependable gun ive ever seen in my life. Ive used this gun as my primary turkey hunting gun for the past 4 years. I know this is bad to say, but ive never took this gun apart and cleaned it. Its been rained on, dropped, used as a boat paddle, dropped in creeks, and whatever else abusive that can happen to a gun. This thing still performs and looks like a new gun. Unbelievable durability, and it can be purchased for around $400. Oh yeah, i also shoot at least 100 rounds a year at doves with it. I also have a Benelli M2 semi-auto that is an awesome gun as well, but its a lil more pricey.

For the money, my pick is the Benelli Nova.
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