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I work on mine as much as possible, I used to have a portable press that I used but it doesn't work on split limbs. Been looking at buying a new one though, thinking about the ezpress. Might build one though too. I almost feel it's a must for anyone who travels and hunts, I try and bring spare parts with on any hunt that can fix my bow or maybe another hunter in camp. I have been too many places that don't have a shop within hours of camp....if something breaks my hunt would have been over. Mainly I bring an extra string/cable set in case one gets cut or breaks. The easiest way (cheapest too) is to save your string when you replace it. Just leave it set up, nocks, peeps, silencers, everything you may have on it. The new string won't cost that much more with new accessories on it and your old string will be ready to go, with minimal tweaking, in case of an emergency. I bring 1/2 doz. NAP quikfletches too (due to a bad incident with fletchings on a moose hunt) These are real simple to apply if you're in a bind. If you think it out you can keep the kit pretty small.

Lets start an emergency spare parts list...add as you see fit!

Spare string/cables
extra pins/fibers for your sight
silencers/heat shrink for your rest
extra peep and an aligner/tube (if you use them)
serving material
d-loop/dropaway rope
wax (I use some that comes in a chapstick size tube)
small tube of superglue
locktite (check around and you can find small single use tubes pretty cheap)
1/2 doz Quikfletch
small fold up allenwrench set (usually fits everything but limb bolts)

That pretty much covers my kit, it's saved me or another on a couple occasions. It typically fits in a ziplock sandwich bag, or a small divided plastic Plano case. Feel free to add anything I missed!
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