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Originally Posted by Monie View Post
Thanks BD. Randy Routier's taxidermist did the work. I wanted someone who was familiar with the critter to do the job. I should have had him do the butt, so I could mount it on the other side of the wall!
That was my thought too, not many pronghorn are done by taxidermist in Ohio so I left mine back Colorado to have it done by recommended folks who do them all the time. Plus they have in staff an official scorer for P&Y or B&C, and I assume SCI. I talked with him (the guy who will score it) and he marked his calendar when he should allow for drying and score it. He'll then will fill out the paper work. So if I want to spend the money to register it and send it in I can. Personally I'm happy with it as it is and look forward to honoring the critter by enjoying it's steaks. I had some Colorado Pronghorn steaks while in camp and they are by far better than any venison I've had, probably on par with exotics like fallow or axis deer steaks.
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