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Originally Posted by cpd realpolice View Post
Just wanted to say whats up. I have been awol for a long while. Had a bad car accident and got pretty banged up and still recovering. Probably not able to hunt this year and its very depressing. Stopped talking about hunting, stopped watching hunting and tried to stop thinking about it but its impossible so I'm back. Just wanted to see how everyone is doing and say whats up. Hopefully be back hunting in the spring. Any interest on the forum of getting together an AC bear camp sometime. Some go getter like Monie should spearhead that movement for the spring. Missed everyone.

Ok, let's try to work on something, shall we? Maybe after turkey season? Since you can't hunt, maybe we can work on this together? What'cha think? Tax time might be the time to do it. Most folks will have a dab extra to take a day trip for a get together.
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