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My family and I made it on Sunday also, and I have to agree with Bear2. It was a very good seminar. My little girl didn't want to sit still during it, but she's 4 so I expect as much. On the other hand my 9 year old son listened intently. He said that he learned a lot, and was glad that he got to go. I usually DVR the shows so that we can watch them together. My wife and daughter don't watch many hunting shows, but they don't miss yours. My son thinks you both are great, and was elated when Vicki told him to tell Ralph to quit talking and sign his poster and DVD. He told me later that he was so nervous that he could barely talk when he was talking to Ralph. My daughter (who was born with a profound bilateral hearing loss) kept signing all the way home about bow hunting, and people from the TV. Yours is the only hunting show she watches. My wife and I were also glad to meet both of you in person. I was amazed at how grounded you two are, and how success hasn't gone to your head. Thank you both for the great memory, and putting the smile on two more young kids.
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