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Originally Posted by flinger View Post
Hey Steve,

Russ here from Adrenaline Outfitters. We may be able to help if your boy is between 12 and 18 years old. My partners and I have decided to start a program we call the 'Hunting Stimulus Package for Families'. Basically, for any adult booking a hunt with us, we offer them to bring a youth hunter along with them for free. There is more details on the thread in this forum titled "Free Youth Black Bear Hunts Available". We are in Manitoba, which is not an outrageous drive from Wisconsin (depending on where you live). My home is about 12 hours from Madison, and our 2 closest camps are about 3 hours from here. Check out our website for more details, if you have any more questions, ask me on this forum or email me direct at

Russ Mehling -
thats pretty awesome,a free youth black bear.

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