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Default Bear n' down DVD

I love your bear hunting DVD's. I think you both are great. can you tell me how to get older volumes of bear n down. I had #7 and just bought #8. They are both great and i am rabbid for the stuff. one of the coolest things i think you guys do with your dvd's is posting the range finder distances before the shot and the equipment list after the shot. on # 8 the equipment lettering is very small. other than that it was awesome and my boy and i have been watching you on tv. you guys inspire both of us! Planning a trip sometime soon. I might have missed it but do you do any bear hunting in ontario. Do you know any reasonable bear hunts for my boy and i that are drivable (lower province ontario) ? I live in Northern WI.

I"m not sure if you'll even get this but thank you!
we'll be watching and cheering you guys on!
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