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If you're going to do anything like that I would take a look at the RedHawk line first.

#1 the Clearsight peep is clear. No sheathing... which means that any amount of sunlight it attracts could reflect... either interfering with your shot or acting as a beacon tipping off the animal that you are there with the glint.

The RedHawk 2020 or 4040 will not reflect light. They carry a yellow shooting lens in the peep and are sheathed in black plastic... no reflection. Additionally, there is a small hood over the occular lens that is aligned with the string at full draw. Personally I shoot the 4040, and my wife shoots the 2020.

The difference between the 2020 and 4040 is that the 2020 has a stem for use with a rubber tether, the 4040 does not.

#2 the Clearsight and the RedHawk peeps are large units and take up a lot of room in a string. There are some, though I am not one of them, that will point out the potential loss of speed because of the size and drag. While I don't disagree with them, I don't worry about it. My bow is a tack driver. If you are one that is concerned with speed loss, then I would look at a string splitter or something a little smaller.

Just my opinion here as I have never used that particular peep. Take it for what it's worth.

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