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Default Katera XL package For sale georgia

sale price is 800.

The bow is new and has been tuned and that is all. No more than 20 arrows through the bow. The FUSE accessories are from my other katera that I sold and are in like new shape. There is nothing wrong with any of it.

All in 1 package ready to hunt.

60-70 lb right hand bow at 29" draw
Z3 cams

Short and sweet Velcro release
6 easton epic 340's with NAP 100 grain spit fires on each
FUSE whisker biscuit rest
FUSE micro adjust sight
FUSE quick detach quiver, I also have a second quiver bracket for another bow or a pack.
braided leather wrist strap
SIMS S-COIL stabilizer
Hard plastic bow case

The reason I am selling is because
1: I need to replace a jon boat and shotgun that were stolen.
2: I am strictly hunting with my recurve and longbow now.

thank you,