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I have an Proshop an hour from me that I used to deal with. When I took the first bow I ever bought off of ebay to him. They didn't want to even look at it and they even charged me double what they had quoted me to check it over, and they never even changed a thing. They gave me such a hard time that I have never spent another peeny there. I had bought teo other PSe bows there in the previous year and would have dealt with them again except for how he talked to me that day.

I found another small archery shop only 20 minutes from my house, That was more then glad to work on any bow that I had. He never cared where I got it from as along as he got some business from it. He now does all my routine maintance on bows like checking strings installing peeps and arrows for me. He charges me very little to do all of this because of the amount of business that I have sent his way. He has even told me that he has got more then 15 other guys that now use his shop because I have spread the word for his great service.

I will use him for the rest of my archery career. I tend to go to his shop at least once an month. To either have something changed on my bows or to try diferent arrow s through his cornograph. I always make sure to leave alittle extra on the counter for payment of his great service.

He doesn't blame anyone for buying an bow in a different shop for a better price as he said he'd do the same thing just to save an buck.

Sound like you got an great deal on the Alphamax, the only thing you have to realize is that buying an bow like an Hoyt or Mathews is that the warrenty is void whenthey are bought off of an internet site.
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