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I agree with the others on BassPro and the local dealer.

I bought my bow at BassPro in Charlotte NC. They "set it up" for me, got me arrows, a release, broadheads and field tips. I couldn't shoot it there because their bow range was being used by someone or used for stock. I was STOKED! until I got home the next day and started trying to shoot it. Arrows flying all over the place( it wasn't my fault entirely), the bow sounded like it was gonna blowup at every shot and I just couldn't seem to get the peep just right. I took the bow down to a local shop and told the owner that I had a spur of the moment brainfart and needed some help. After tightening up some stuff, correcting the peep and giving me some general pointers, I was back in the game of archery. Since then I take my business back to them. I never felt that the bow guy was holding any hard feelings against me for not buying it there.
Go on down to see him, when it arrives and do your buying from him. You'll both profit from it in the long run.
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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