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Default Best Hunting Story (Gun or Bow)

I always like hearing good hunting stories and I may like telling them even more so here is one of mine:

I was hunting with my grandfather on some family property when I was twelve. We hadn't been seeing many deer except for one old gray haired doe and her fawn. We saw them on many consecutive days on stand. This particular doe was very easy to pick out because she had a horrible limp. The doe season was drawing to a close and we hadn't seen much in the way of antlers so I decided to take this limping doe. Now I need to preface this by saying I am a good shooter. I have been shooting all my life and I could stack rounds on top of each other with my 30-30 Marlin even at 12. So a 30 yard shot on a mature doe shouldn't have been a problem for me but somehow I pulled the shot and took her back left leg nearly off. I quickly cycled my rifle and got back on target. That round sent hair flying and was what I believed to be a good shot. So we waited the agonizing half hour my grandfather always made us wait after shooting a deer (now what I know to be a great practice) and picked up the blood trail. It wasn't long before we found this old crusty doe tangled in a brier patch, just as alive as before I had shot her. So I raised my rifle and placed a 3rd round through her neck. Now up to this point I know you are asking yourselves, "Why is one of your favorite hunting stories about wounding an animal twice?" Well, this is one of my favorite stories because it helps display the dexterity of a whitetail deer.

I approached this old doe slowly being cautious before I was sure she had expired. When I got to her I found out that this old doe had been through a lot. Her front left knee was swollen beyond the size of a softball (this led my grandfather to believe she had broken it at one point) which was causing her trademark limp. Her left eye was completely crusted over and swollen shut, and upon field dressing her I found the remnants of a broad head in her shoulder plate.

So lets recap: Broken knee, eye swollen shut, survived an arrow piercing her shoulder plate, I shot her leg off, my second round entered near her hindquarters and exited through her anus, and was finally taken down by a shot to the neck.

Oh to be a fly that could have followed her around in the rough life she lived, and died in. I felt very sorry for that deer. She is the reason I practice constantly. She is the reason i feel the need to make ethical shots that will cause quick death. I learned a lot from that old doe, which is why that is one of my favorite hunting experiences.
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