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At what I am sure will amount to certain risk of life and limb, I am going to weigh in here...

First off, I agree with York 100% here. You may get the ol stink eye from the shop keeper, but... that's just a temporary thing. If he's smart he won't burn that bridge.

What makes me want to chime in here is the Bass Pro idea. My experience with the gentleman at my Bass Pro has been interesting at best. When my wife and I spent $3000 there in one weekend setting up myself, my wife, and my son... Oh they were Johnny on the spot with whatever we needed.

"Can you do such and such?"

"Oh yeah just bring it in."

"What if I need this or that?"

"OH sure just bring it in."

Cheri has "outgrown" the 30 to 40# draw on her bow, so we contacted them to get the limbs replaced. "Oh we can't do that... you need to contact Bowtech." Fine. So I contact Bowtech. "Oh no your retailer should handle that." Back to Bass Pro... same thing. After growing INCREDIBLY weary of the constant ping-pong game, I raised an unholy stink with Bowtech and within 10 minutes... I got a call from Bass Pro telling me to bring her bow in.

Upon taking the bow in, I was greeted like a lepper in a nudist colony. I'm not saying that because I spent money there before I should be trotted around the store on shoulders... but I had continued to spend hard earned money there, albeit not to the extent of that weekend, and I am a paying customer none the less, and finally, I DO expect a certain level of service without bureaucracy. After contemplating the reaction from them, and taking into full account the fact that I had just skewered them with a large supplier, I examined all of the previous visits and the ever-lessening service on those previous visits, and I came to this conclusion:

Unless I was going to spend half a month's income, my patronage means approximately (((EDITED BY AUTHOR))).

Now... I type this not to run rough-shot over Bass Pro, or to in any way discourage patronage of said establishment... only to illustrate that in my experience, some shops are only interested in the bottom line, and the bigger the shop, the more prevalent that idea is. In employing that tactic, they lose sight of the fact that although someone may come in and drop a bundle once, its the continued visitors that may only spend a tenth of that bundle that keep the establishment afloat... especially in times like these. I would hope that your Archery Tech can see that.

As a side note, after dealing with that fiasco and seeing the light, I found that day a bow shop called Tanglewood Archery that does see beyond the bottom line and I anticipate a long and fulfilling relationship with them. I;m afraid the same cannot be said for my relationship with Bass Pro.

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